U.S. Ryder Cup Team Needs To Prepare Like The European Team

A recent video has spread across the internet. It features members of the European Ryder Cup Team practicing for the upcoming biannual golf match in Wales this October, 2010. Nothing surprising abut that, right? What is surprising is the practice session is held on a lake (or loch) in Wales with a small gong 200 yards from waters edge. The team members each take turns trying to ring the gong with a skillfull puch shot. After a few attempts, the gong is rung and the players are celebrating as if they’ve just won the Ryder Cup! It is easy to see the fun these guys are having, and also to see how they are growing as a team. One of the most noticeable elements the U.S. Team is missing is the camaraderie the European players have. Captain Corey Pavin must take note to get his full team together to rally for each other and change their mindsets from being individual players, to teammates who encourage and enjoy playing with each other. Golf is an individual sport. At the highest level, players rarely spend time together beyond the practice range before a round of golf. Now, in the Ryder Cup, individuals must come together under their nation’s flag and set aside individual records for a team victory. Even when the team includes the world’s #1 player, if there isn’t any support from teammates, it makes victory tough.

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